Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

relationship-2Couples counseling, at one time known as marriage guidance or marital therapy addresses the problems and challenges arising from adult relationships. Relationship therapy is that process of counseling parties in a relationship with the goal of recognizing the need to better manage that relationship to reconcile differences and avoid a repeat of the same distress in the future. The relationship could be between couples or between family members, employers or employees at the workplace, or even between a client and a professional.

So what are the psychological aspects that are associated with relationship problems? In real terms there are no actual or straight pin point diagnoses for relationship problems. Rather, many therapy professionals and counselors including some insurance provider companies may take cognizance of a condition referred to as partner relational problem. Nevertheless, a relationship problem could be associated with diagnoses in a number of ways. For example, chronic conflicts in relationship or emotional difficulties will certainly contribute in some way to mental health clinical conditions like anxiety and depression. Similarly, presence of some illnesses could seriously influence and impede the good health of any relationship.


All our relationships; marriages; civil partnerships or co-habitation are based on trust and intimacy. When that relationship stops working well, we are deeply negatively affected and our happiness and health suffers. Our personal sense of self worth and identity often more often than not, rests on the strengths of our mutual relationships and we may despair when our relationship come tumbling down or ails.


The relationship therapist will approach the work from several angles. He or she first will encourage the partners to directly speak to each other, and help them choose a path or language which is tender and honest. He then will facilitate to uncover patterns of emotion, thought and action that may not be working and suggest or offer viable alternatives. Thirdly, he may try to interpret the family issues feeding to the recurring patterns, with a view to enhance mutual understanding and empathy between the partners.

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